About Carolina Irving

“I have always been obsessed with fabrics, colors and textures…and I have always wanted to have my own collection of textiles, explains Carolina Irving, Creative Director of Home for Oscar de la Renta. in 2006, she achieved her heart’s desire, founding her own textile design atelier.  

Carolina was born in the United States, to Venezuelan parents, and was educated in Paris.  She went on to study art history and archaeology at the Ecole du Louvre.  She specialized in 17th Century Italian art and began her never-ending fascination with design and antique textile documents.  “I particularly like fabrics that are easy to live with, look handmade, slightly old and colors that are not jarring, but never beige…I’m not a beige person!”

Carolina has been totally involved in the design world, in one way or another for many years. She was formerly an editor at Elle Decor, House and Garden, and Vogue Living. In 2013, She Partnered with Penny Morrison to create Irving and Morrison, a decorative accessories company for stylish living. Carolina also teamed up with Lisa Fine to create Irving and Fine, a fashion and accessory line inspired by their travels.  

Traveling has always been a vital part of Carolina's life. She absorbs art history and the decorative arts wherever she goes.  She is most inspired by these travels and is especially stimulated while traveling to India and the Middle East. She finds going to museums around the world particularly motivating. She pulls from her vast travel experiences to create, as well as to write for The New York Times' T Magazine design column "In The Air".

Carolina loves colors, but in an impressionistic way, mixing different patterns similar to a Vuillard painting.  She has ransacked sources in France, England, Sweden and India for her toiles and chintzes, and in Turkey, Greece and other Middle Eastern countries for riotous colors and patterns that are reinterpreted in her special way.  

Carolina’s textiles have been featured in many publications including British Vogue, Domino Magazine, House Beautiful, Traditional Home Magazine, to name a few.  Also look for features on Carolina in the blogs Style Beat, The Peak of Chic, Jan Morrow and others.

I have always been obsessed with fabrics, colors and textures…

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